Being an Environmental Scientist, my love for nature and pristine landscapes is reflected in most of my pictures; Photography is for me more than just a hobby, it’s a passion where I try to convey the emotions I feel when  light, shapes and colours all together work in magical moment.

I started into photography about ten years ago, while I was living in Switzerland, with a cheap Canon 35 mm SLR and shooting slides (Velvia). The main subject of my pictures at the beginning were the beautiful landscapes that were surrounding me, but with time light has become increasingly important and I like to think that now it’s the primary subject of  my compositions.

Most of my landscape pictures are still Velvia slides, scanned with a Nikon Coolscanner V and without any sort of digital post processing (just the basic adjustments needed to bring back in the digital picture what has been lost during the scanning process).

Anyway, the digital revolution has arrived for me as is very practical, especially for shooting nature and people, even if I still prefer the look of film.

What else needs to be said? I am Italian, but I now live in Texas with my husband and my little daughter, and this new land is influencing my photography as well, with its big flat surfaces, gorgeous skies, and the abundance of nature available at a short distance.

Since September 2010 I also opened a portraiture activity, mainly children and family oriented, living side by side with my passion for fine art  and landscaping.. Check my portraiture work at this link

Thanks for taking the time of looking at my web site, and enjoy your travel through my pictures!

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